About Us

Haegle’s History

Haegle’s West, previously known as Haegle’s saddle Shop, originally began as Haegle’s Harness, which was founded in 1910 by Charlie Haegle, a German immigrant who initially worked in the leather trade in Wisconsin. Charlie began Haegle’s Harness in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that August, with a primary focus on sales, reconditioning and repair of work and pleasure harnesses for horse-drawn buggies. Eventually Haegle’s moved from North Main Avenue to North Phillips and then, in 1976, to its current location on West 41st Street. In 1958, Charlie Haegle died and his grandson, Bill Van Wyck, bought Haegle’s from the estate. In 2000, after the passing of Bill and Laverle Van Wyck, Dave & Michelle Van Wyck Jackson purchased Haegle’s from the estate.  Currrently, 5th generation Great Great Grandson Patrick & Dana Jackson own and operate the business.

Over the past 110 years, the store has evolved from a basic Harness Shop into one of oldest full-service family owned western stores in the nation. A 100+-year-old, life-size, paper mache horse continues to watch over Sioux Falls from the front window at 2800 W. 41st St. Haegle’s still offers Western tack, clothing, and a full line of gifts. Over 3000 pairs of premier dress and work boots are on display every day, and rodeo and roping equipment line the walls of the store. Saddles, new and used, are offered at reasonable prices. Boots are fitted with expertise and care. We still run the business based on Charlie’s original model of making quality and service paramount.